This has been a week of back to back meetings. It turned colder yesterday so I wore my coat when we went across the road for lunch. I went up the street for another meeting and was late when I returned to the original meeting. I hung my coat on the coat rack at the back of the room. That meeting finished later than planned so I bolted to get upstairs and make sure the room was open and we were ready for the next one. It wasn’t til I was ready to leave the hotel this morning that I realized I didn’t have my coat. Meeting rooms were searched; it was reported to lost and found, but 12 hours later I’m pretty sure I’m not going home with my coat.

It wasn’t new; I’ve had it a couple winters.

It wasn’t my regular coat; it was my “dress-up” coat for when I need to look like I’m somewhat professional.

It wasn’t the end of the world, but I was whiny when I realized it was gone.

But, I packed a warm sweater and getting around today hasn’t been bad (though there were a couple of cab rides when I would probably have walked). I have another coat to wear when I get home. End of season sales will happen soon and I have the means to replace it.

Whoever has my coat, I hope it keeps you warm because you really needed a warm coat. I’m sorry about the dog hair, but my sister has a golden retriever and his fur was apparently attracted to the coat.

If you could return my gloves though, they really were my favourites.

PS – at my 4:00 am check out my coat (and gloves) we’re waiting at the front desk. 😀