Month: April 2020

The Time I Made Breakfast

The thing about the pandemic and all the discussion around food security has made me very conscious of how I treat what I have in my fridge. I’ve always been a huge fan of leftovers (hello easy supper) but the extra time at home means I will sometimes try to get creative. My mini-omelette egg bites are one example that turned out well. Leftover asparagus and prosciutto for the win!

**Bonus points because now I have new leftovers for the fridge. 😎

The Time We Didn’t Hunt for Eggs

I think like everyone I’ve been experiencing trepidation and sadness about what this holiday weeekend will bring. Inevitably it will be different than normal, different than what was planned just a month ago.   Eleven years ago I started doing Easter Egg hunts for my nieces and nephews. There were only 4 of them at the time (plus an infant).…