I saw this meme on Facebook a few weeks ago:



I completely get it; whatever we thought we were going to be doing this spring isn’t happening. Being home on quarantine or whatever we’re calling it now means a lot of open space on the schedule. When I look at my work calendar, it is wide open from about a week ahead when normally there would be meetings booked weeks and months in advance.


I get it, but the thing is, I ended up upgrading to a 2 page per day system in my planner last month. Completely counter intuitive, I know. Pre-Covid I would either be writing meetings times or my to do list. Now, we’re having shorter (at least compared to an all day meeting) but more frequent calls, and I’m spending about as much time on my to-do list daily as I am at “meetings”. I keep having this frightening thought that I might actually be more productive in a pandemic.


So when I get emails asking about call availability three weeks from now: yeah, no problem, it’s open. I just know that it will look completely different when we get there. Even Friday, which 24 hours ago had nothing is now filling with appointments. For someone who needs to have a plan, it’s oddly liberating to just roll with whatever pops up.


I remember in February, just before vacation, thinking how nice it would be to be home for a week straight (I was thinking on the island, not literally in my house, but God apparently has a sense of humour). When it became clear that I would be home for an extended period, I was genuinely worried about how I would cope. After the first few weeks, it feels surprisingly normal to not have anywhere to go. As I see other people getting antsy to go, I am thankful that I’m quite content being home, literally or metaphorically.  As society changes as we move through the next few months, maybe this really will be the new normal.


I’ll just need more space in my planner.

One thought on “The Time I Needed More Space

  1. I get it! What’s the sense of having an awesome Happy Planner with tons of washi tape and embellishments…but no data in the days!?
    I find myself looking back and making up things to write in…
    “Raked the back yard. Painted rocks. Made oatmeal raisin cookies. Drove to Seal Cove. Got gas.”
    Yep. Highlights!

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