I finally stopped tracking how many days in self-isolation/quarantine/lock-down  when New Brunswick started easing some restrictions. Stopping tracking has made the “new normal” feel more normal even though some parts still feel anything but.


I’ve struggled with that feeling of crisis with the only response you available is to stay home and do essentially nothing. (I’ve been working from home so I’ve still been busy but staying in doesn’t feel like a huge contribution.)




Like most knitters, photos and patterns for mask holders started showing up in my newsfeed a couple of weeks ago. They help protect your ears when wearing a mask with elastic straps. My crochet skills are still pretty raw, but it’s an easy pattern and I quickly became obsessed with creating something that felt like a tangible contribution. It was suggested that they be made from cotton for easy laundering and it’s perfect for using up those dishcloth remnants. My button collection is not as substantial as my yarn collection though, so I went looking for reinforcements from my mother.


It’s not just for buttons



I’m not sure about other families, but I remember my mother and grandmothers always having a button box, and as a kid playing with the buttons, sorting them into colours and styles. When I opened the tin, I realized some of those old favourites were still around. In times of uncertainty like this it was a much needed smile.


Left over from baby sweaters
I loved the “diamonds” in these buttons
This was apparently a popular button style?


Do people still have button boxes? I expect knitters and sewers still do, though I’m guessing that most of us haven’t cut them off clothing like some in that hand-me-down box.



Do kids still play with buttons? Beyond those on their phones or consoles? I hope so.


3 replies on “The Time I Played With Buttons

  1. I had a button jar, as a seamstress it was always handy to have leftover buttons from various outgrown clothes. When they became the rage for scrapbookers, my collection grew, and now I have several smaller jars, all sorted by colour. I use them some in card making now, but not as often. I was pretty excited a few weeks ago, when a friend posted on Buy N Sell several containers of coloured button to give away…FREE! This was near the beginning of the pandemic, so I had to think long and hard about how “essential” a trip up the island was to pick them up.
    Yes, my collection has now grown!

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  2. We had one as well. I wish I knew what became of it. Looking at some of your pics of old buttons triggered the memory. And the feelings that tell you that you are not being productive enough. I understand that. 😔

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  3. Love this! I do not have a button tin here in PA but I still have mums at the house! It was fun to play with the buttons! Our Ben would love it. Think I’ll start one! ❤️

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