Years ago I signed up for emails from “Vogue Knitting Live!”. I love attending Knit East; it’s local so it’s easy to get to and always is a top notch experience (even the year the Algonquin was under construction) but there’s a part of me that would look longingly at the knitting events in far away places and think “someday I’m going to go”.


In April when an email arrived about “Virtual Knitting Live!” I quickly signed up for a couple of classes, which turned out to be a good thing because it sold out in 48 hours! I was very curious about how the virtual experience would compare to in person classes. While they lacked the excitement of being in the same room, the accessibility was incomparable. I’m fortunate to still be working from home, so I’d finish a conference call for work and log on to a class. Finish the class and go back to work. I’ve taken video classes before on Craftsy and they are great, but without a specific time that you need to “be” there I didn’t have the same commitment to watching. It’s like watching a baseball game or the Survivor finale the day after it happened: it just doesn’t have the same “in the moment” feel.



I’ve tried thrumming and just couldn’t get the knack so I signed up for a class. I was so excited that I finally got the concept (and how my mittens are looking). I’m hoping someday there will be an opportunity to wear them watching hockey in a cold rink.



I’ve only been crocheting a year or so. I’m completely obsessed with granny squares so learning a granny triangle seemed a natural choice. It was a fun class and I’m looking forward to using the finishing techniques we learned.



Friday another email arrived: Virtual Knitting Live! is happening again in June. I signed up but focussed on weekend classes; with the event based on Pacific time that 4 hour difference is bound to catch up with me. At least I know the commute is doable.



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