Like most knitter, sewing in the ends is my least favourite part. Projects have been known to languish for weeks or months waiting for that final bit of effort.

One of my go-to vacation projects are dishcloths. Cotton yarn isn’t too hot on the beach with a quick and easy pattern that doesn’t require concentration. Coming home in the midst of a pandemic I wasn’t looking for a high concentration project either. I soon discovered that working from home meant it was a great chance to start knitting from a giant cone of yarn strategically placed beside my chair. The myriad of conference calls that have descended on my life make for great knitting opportunities.

Inadvertently co-ordinated yarn and towel.

The end result: a pile of dishcloths haunting me on my coffee table. A foggy beginning to the Canada Day holiday seems like a good chance to tackle the pile.

Two dozen dishcloths later, mission accomplished. Like always, I’m never sure why I leave it so long. With the red and green variegated, I feel like I might have a start on Christmas knitting (yikes!)

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