I’ve always been a **bit** of a space geek. I remember watching the first shuttle launch in the TV room in the basement of our Elementary School. It was dark and stuffy and I vaguely remember turning around and realizing all the kids my age had left and I was still there with the “big kids”. I was so enthralled with watching I completely missed the call for us to go back to class. I watched with (maybe not as much) fascination this morning as NASA launched another Mission to Mars.

Vacationing in Cocoa Beach for years means that there have been countless launches to watch. Vacation photos generally include sleepy kids and adults wrapped in blankets watching TV until it’s time to race outside to watch the glow of the rocket heading into the sky. This year we saw part of the Spacex rocket return to their base. It’s hard not to be awed while watching.

I’ve been to Kennedy Space Center several times, but it had been years since my last trip. A cool-ish day this year provided a perfect opportunity. Like every touristy thing in Florida, getting an early start means you beat the bulk of the crowds. While we were a little sleepy it was a great day to recognize the space program efforts of the United States. The Atlantis exhibit is new and actually made me gasp. It’s probably my new favourite.

I think there may be a couple of budding space geeks in the next generation too!

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