After frantically finishing my Christmas hats, I was ready to try something different. That’s usually how I feel over the holiday break and the beginning of the new year: I decide I’m going to challenge my knitting skills and not knit the same things over and over. I decided the best way to accomplish this was to, well, knit another hat.

In my defence, it was a bit of leftover inner child who just wants to play with their toys Christmas morning. One of my gifts was the book “Saltwater Gifts” (Yay Atlantic Canada!) I love the Saltwater series but am guilty of drooling over the photos and then not knitting anything. I made up my mind that wasn’t going to happen this time.

I also received some Briggs and Little Softspun (Yay New Brunswick!) so it seemed destined that the two should go together. While the Softspun is softer than most pure wool yarns, it’s still a little scratchy, so a hat seemed like a logical choice. I kept wondering who I would give it too when I realized, the colours looked like me.

The Trouter’s Cap is an easy to follow pattern with an 8 row repeat. I love the box-top shape of the crown; it gives it a bucket hat feel.

Just in time for our first winter storm of the year.

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