Heart Palpitations

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across the pattern for Palpitations. It seemed like a fun quick knit for Valentine’s Day and a chance to use up some left over yarn.  As an added bonus, I could use them to decorate a tree in our office. I started knitting; finished three; and got the flu. For some reason these poor hearts were associated with that sickness and I wanted nothing more to do with them, so they languished mostly finished until this weekend when I made myself pick them up again.

The result:

And, well, I’m charmed by them again. They are a quick knit and so cute in a group.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Old Old Shale Scarf

I was cleaning up my Ravelry projects (as I do every January despite resolutions to finish project pages when projects are finished) and realized that I hadn’t closed my Old Shale Scarf page even though I’d been wearing it for quite a while. A quick look through my Instagram showed I had indeed been knitting on it last spring:

Homeward bound #Vacation2017 #TravelKnitting #TheFiberSeedSprout

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Let's go! #TravelKnitting #Vacation2017 #AirCanadaRouge #TheFiberSeedSprout

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The colour is “Orange Blossom Special” in Fiber Seed Sprout that I purchased on vacation a couple of years ago. The colours definitely remind me of Florida which is a nice pick me up on these cold January days. I seem to recall doing a little repair job while on vacation last year, but I think I mostly enjoyed the knit, because I must have finished it not long after I arrived home.

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For Love of Stripy Socks

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2018 Temperature Scarf

I’ve been slightly obsessed with temperature blankets and scarves for a while now. I love the idea of documenting the year a day at a time. Maybe it was the euphoria over actually accomplishing my Christmas ornament a day project or maybe it’s that this cold snap is making me slightly crazier, but when a friend shared a link to this scarf it peaked my interest. To be honest, the thought of weaving in 730 (365×2) ends gives me shivers and that’s not just the cold talking. I loved this alternative of incorporating them into the project.

I dug into my stash and came out with some colours that I think will work:

I have more of each colour other than the orange, yellow, and dark blue, so hopefully there will be enough to carry through.

I’m going to alternate between seed stitch and garter stitch for each month, starting with seed stitch for January. While there’s some temperature fluctuations over the coming days, for now, it’s purply-purple cold.