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The Time I Counted Granny Squares

I need to spend more time on arranging colours, but only 48 more to go!

The Time My Niece Chose My Yarn

  I was on a Granny Square run this winter but I kept hitting a colour block. I kept choosing the same combinations and I needed a fresh view to mix things up. I cornered my 11 year old niece one afternoon and gave her my bag of yarn. She took the challenge seriously and tried to use all the…

Colour Combinations

I’ve been working away on Granny Squares for the past several months mixing and matching colour combinations. Ever since I discovered I can crochet, they’ve been a bit of an obsession, but in a good way (or so I tell myself). I’ve been concentrating on using up leftover super wash worsted weight from hat and mitten projects. Then I hit…