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The Time I Watched Meaningless Baseball

I guess it could be argued that in the grand scheme of life, all baseball is ultimately meaningless. In the ordinary days, it provides a distraction and a commonality that is reassuring. While these days are anything but ordinary, that reassuring presence has been missed. Whether it makes sense for baseball, or any sport for that matter, to attempt to…

Play Ball!

It’s been a little cool this last week of vacation. I feel slightly guilty saying that as home is being hit by a blizzard. It’s been nice, just not beach weather, but perfect weather to take in a baseball game.



Safe at second:


Let’s Play Ball

Last Friday, my sister, brother-in-law, and I decided to go to Toronto to watch a couple of Blue Jays playoff games. We’d chatted a bit about it at the beginning of October, but for some reason Friday it was a bit more serious. We may have still been delirious from the ridiculous 7th inning of game 5 of the ALDS,…