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My Disney Food Gallery

I’m sometimes frequently ridiculed for taking pictures of my food.  What can I say; it’s a vice.  Anyway here a few shots from our recent trip to Walt Disney World.  Mostly I remember where I was.  What it was I was eating is another story…   Advertisements

Apparently I Make BBQ Sauce

I had this crazy idea last week that I should make BBQ sauce for my Father’s Day Barbecue on the weekend.  One: because I’d watched a bit too much of the Food Network; and two: because my oldest nephew has a corn allergy and BBQ sauce is one of those things that is sometimes challenging to find. (My brother and sister-in-law offered…

Eating my way through the Seafood Forum

One of the great things about living in this corner of the world is the amazing seafood. Working for a fishermen’s organization, I totally cop to having a bias on the subject. 2014 marked the 5th Annual Bay of Fundy Seafood Week which includes a Seafood Forum for industry participants as well as a Seafood Festival to showcase local seafood…