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Lest We Forget

My grandparents in 1945.

The First Week of Summer

I’m not sure how it got to be Sunday night again, but like most weeks in the summer it flew by and seemed crammed with activity.  Throw a Canada Day holiday mid-week and my concept of time really didn’t stand a chance.   Canada Day was spent in Seal Cove with the infamous greasy pole: And on the beach:  …

World Oceans Day

June 8 is World Oceans Day. As I saw post after post today, I kept thinking that I should post something as well; after all, the ocean is kind of a big deal around here.   But in reading the posts, I struggled with what to say because I realized my perspective on the ocean is maybe a bit different…

A Long Weekend in May

Victoria Day weekend is a bit of an unofficial start to summer. While it sometimes is warm, this year Friday was nice and the rest of the weekend turned cool/cold, sometimes with wind; sometimes with rain. So really very much in keeping with the rest of the weather this year. Nevertheless, it was full of family, beaches, birthdays, and weddings. Hopefully that, more than the weather, is a sign of the summer to come.

Easter Weekend

Time over the holiday weekend flew by. Between colouring eggs: Hiding and finding eggs: And more food than I care to think about, it was a fun holiday.  While the specifics will blur as kids grow older, hopefully the happy memories will remain. PS: Did I mention it snowed again?