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I Spoke Too Soon

Charlie is almost 2 and I’ve been saying for the past 6 months or so that he’s finally outgrown the annoying parts of the puppy stage and turning into a dog.   I’d like to retract those comments. When I opened the door to check on him this morning I heard a scurrying and was met with this face: The…

Who’s Training Who?

A week or so ago I started letting Charlie out without tying him, just for short periods to get him used to be off line but staying in the yard. I took this sweet photo of him late this afternoon: Doesn’t he look innocent just sitting watching the world go by? Then, I realized what he was doing; he’s waiting…

A Whale of Day

I think the last time I went whale watching was 15 years ago. Like back then I took way too many pictures, but now I can easily sort through the ones that include my finger instead of waiting for the film to be developed.




There once was a black beast named Charlie
Alone he did not enjoy to be
My parent’s back door
Has a screen no more
As he arrived at church for company



A year with Charlie

A year ago I brought home a little black fuzz ball. Almost immediately I realized he was going to be different than my last lazy-since-he-was-a-puppy dog.   There were destroyed shoes:


There was a black dog named Charlie
So full of trouble was he
Obedience class week five
We made it alive
Even if on the floor he did pee