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Do You Think I’m In Trouble?

Brown nose, plant in my mouth, laying in a garden: that face says it all.


All Dogs Go To Kevin

A couple of weeks ago a veterinarian friend posted a link to an article about euthanasia for pets and the difficulties their owners have in deciding it is the “right” time. As anyone who’s had to make that particular decision knows, it’s not easy and there are no clear guidelines to when it’s the correct time. While reading the article,…

Walking the Line

The thing about puppies is that it sometimes takes a while til they learn their boundaries.  I’m fortunate that I live off the road and Charlie can wander the yard (somewhat) freely. My parents live close to the road so he has a rope on the clothes line which allows him to stay outside on his own.  

Poop Patrol

I am not really sure where the name “Charlie” came from. My criteria for dog’s names is quite simple: it should end in a long “EEE” for ease of calling and preferably not be a name of someone close, either in distance or relationally.  That is, while naming my puppy after a brother in law (both of whom have names…