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February Temperature Scarf

When I decided to knit this scarf, we were in the midst of a cold snap at the end of December. I “knew” that we could generally count on similar weather at some point in February, so the scarf would have a good variety of colour.   Oops   With the exception of a few days, February was unusually mild,…

I’m Feeling a Bit Post-Tropical

Every 6 years I find myself amused when Bonnie comes up on the list of hurricane names.  This year I particularly enjoyed the tweets that sounds more like they are about a person than a storm: 11 PM: #Bonnie continues to meander in the SC Low Country; will bring off and on rain the next few days. #hrweather — Evan Stewart…

Today on my Needles

I swear self-striping yarn knits faster than other yarns:

PS:  It’s May 23 and it snowed today.  Anyone want to take bets that it’ll snow in June? 😜

My Sign of Spring

Most people seem to have a landmark that means spring has arrived.  For me, it’s my grandmother’s crocus blooming.  Usually when I get home from vacation there’s a few that are peaking out.  There  certainly weren’t flowers this year.  But this week, a bit a green peaked out and in a couple of days, there they were.   Finally spring!…


White water today
That like powdered sugar flies
Snow clings to everything