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Temperature Scarf in May

As May rolls along, orange (plus 20) creeps into the scarf. You can almost believe that summer is coming. 😎

Suddenly It’s Spring

April started off cold, which felt all the colder because it should have been spring. Then suddenly in the last 10 days of the month the weather turned. May can still have random weird weather (snow) but for now you can almost believe that spring is here.

February Temperature Scarf

When I decided to knit this scarf, we were in the midst of a cold snap at the end of December. I “knew” that we could generally count on similar weather at some point in February, so the scarf would have a good variety of colour.   Oops   With the exception of a few days, February was unusually mild,…

I’m Feeling a Bit Post-Tropical

Every 6 years I find myself amused when Bonnie comes up on the list of hurricane names.  This year I particularly enjoyed the tweets that sounds more like they are about a person than a storm: 11 PM: #Bonnie continues to meander in the SC Low Country; will bring off and on rain the next few days. #hrweather — Evan Stewart…

Today on my Needles

I swear self-striping yarn knits faster than other yarns:

PS:  It’s May 23 and it snowed today.  Anyone want to take bets that it’ll snow in June? 😜