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Thursday Night

Thursday night almost 200 people turned out for a community policing meeting on the island.  The focus was on drug use.  I don’t think our community is unique in this being an issue, but our isolation and size allows a focus that may not be as clear in a larger area.   Drug addiction is a complicated issue. Causes and…

Where Have the Weirs Gone?

Last weekend I happened upon some old photos in a drawer. Despite my best intentions, they never seemed to make it to a photo album. One of the envelopes was from a Sunday afternoon in the mid 1990s that was spent at my father’s herring weir. Herring weirs (sounds like “where”) are one of the oldest fishing gear types (it…

View from Above

I’ve made a couple trips off island this week in a small charter plane. It’s always so cool to see things with a (literally) different perspective. It also coincided with the opening day of scallop season, so there was lots of activity on the water.  It’s hard to capture with my iPhone camera, but these are a few of my favourite shots.


The Second Tuesday in November

For many places, the second Tuesday in November is just another work day.  In coastal communities in southwestern New Brunswick, it is the day that lobster traps go in the water to begin the season. Besides the large crews on the boats, many in the community head to the wharf to watch the boats leave.

It’s one of my favourite days of the year.

Setting Day

Assuming the weather forecast holds, tomorrow lobster fishermen on Grand Manan will set their traps. It’s a big day with fishermen trying to get to the place they want to fish. Lost bottom can mean the loss of thousands of dollars, so there’s a lot riding on what happens. One of the best depictions of it was done by Mars…

The First Week of Summer

I’m not sure how it got to be Sunday night again, but like most weeks in the summer it flew by and seemed crammed with activity.  Throw a Canada Day holiday mid-week and my concept of time really didn’t stand a chance.   Canada Day was spent in Seal Cove with the infamous greasy pole: And on the beach:  …