Another Pair of Socks Finished

While putting together the photo history of this little pair of socks, I realized their construction process was more eventful than normal, or at least as eventful as knitting during meetings, conference calls, and waiting time can be.     There was a long day when I did a meeting by conference call. I do not recommend this. Followed by…

Dear Tim Hortons

We need to talk. We’ve had this conversation before when you give me an empty coffee cup for “Roll Up The Rim” after I’ve asked for my coffee in a refillable cup. I still don’t believe that game cards are that big a stretch, but you know, your call.   The thing is, it’s now a thing. Reducing plastic usage…

Three years ago today

On July the twenty-five

A black dog named Charlie

Came into my life.


A little ball of fur

Who occupied my time

I was certain at first

I was out of my mind.


Chaos ensued,

Where ever he went

On replacing destruction

My money was spent


Months went by;

We both found our way

“He’s a become a good dog”

I proudly would say.


And mostly he is

But I sometimes forget

That a 3 year old dog

Is still a puppy yet


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Hopewell Rocks

I had the opportunity to visit Hopewell Rocks last week; I hadn’t been there since I was in my early teens. There’s a different appreciation to see them as an adult. They are world famous for a reason. So worth the trip to get there!  

Dishcloth Confession

Confession time:   Until recently, I’d never successfully knit a dishcloth from the classic Grandma’s dishcloth pattern. I’d tried, but for reasons I’m not completely sure of, I just had a mental block about it. I went on to knit other successful projects. I became completely obsessed with the garterlac dishcloth. I loved the pattern and after knitting dozens and…