Evergreen Cap in Beige

I’ve been in a weird knitting funk lately. I’m not knitting as much; what I am knitting I’m not really finishing; and what I am finishing, well, it doesn’t rank high on the excitement scale (“oh look: another dishcloth”*).


I did manage to finish a cable hat recently. I love the look of cable hats but I’ve not knit that many of them. Evergreen Cap was an easy knit. I did have a bit of problem with maintaining the cables through the top decreases, but I think that’s more related to my completely misplaced faith in my ability to remember my place in the pattern without marking it than the pattern itself. (This also manifests in a belief that I don’t need a grocery list because I’ll remember everything I need when I’m at the store.)


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Wrap Up of Knit East

Two weeks ago I was fortunate to be able to attend Knit East in St. Andrews, NB. St. Andrews is only about a half hour drive from the ferry, so it is an incredible opportunity to be able to participate in this type of event in my own back yard. Knit East is two days of seminar/classes, a knit fashion show, and of course a marketplace.

I took 4 classes over the 2 days. The first was Stephanie Pearl McPhee’s “Knit Smart”. I’ve taken one of her classes each during each Knit East and the humour from her blog translates into class as well. I learned a lot about different types of yarn; what could work for what type of project; and yarn substitutions among other things.

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