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The Time Charlie Didn’t Get Stung

Four years ago when Charlie first tumbled into my life, I wrote many times about his antics as a puppy. He wasn’t bad, just mischievous and full of it as puppies are. (I still get the shivers when I think I about obedience class. Just this month I was talking to someone who remembered his “stellar” performance at graduation.) Time went…

Three years ago today

On July the twenty-five

A black dog named Charlie

Came into my life.


A little ball of fur

Who occupied my time

I was certain at first

I was out of my mind.


Chaos ensued,

Where ever he went

On replacing destruction

My money was spent


Months went by;

We both found our way

“He’s a become a good dog”

I proudly would say.


And mostly he is

But I sometimes forget

That a 3 year old dog

Is still a puppy yet


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There once was a black beast named Charlie
Alone he did not enjoy to be
My parent’s back door
Has a screen no more
As he arrived at church for company



A year with Charlie

A year ago I brought home a little black fuzz ball. Almost immediately I realized he was going to be different than my last lazy-since-he-was-a-puppy dog.   There were destroyed shoes:


There was a black dog named Charlie
So full of trouble was he
Obedience class week five
We made it alive
Even if on the floor he did pee