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Merry Christmas Ornaments

When I started knitting Christmas ornaments at the beginning of December, I was filled with optimism I would finish, but also a healthy dose of realism that with the hustle and bustle of the season they would be the first to fall of the to-do list. As I kept knitting, I enjoyed the challenge of attempting to finish one a…

Well Lit

I know it’s a bit early but today I put up my outside Christmas lights. I try to put them up on a nice-ish day in late October or early November, but usually don’t turn them on until December.  I don’t know why I consider it such a victory when they’re done; maybe it’s my irrational fear of climbing ladders. (Given…

O Christmas Tree

There’s nothing like comparing the before:




And after:



Photos of a Christmas Tree.  It’s amazing what lights that work and decorations can do!



I’m not sure I’m going to make it

It’s one week to Christmas and I’m starting to believe my knitting goals (at least the ones I still have) for gifts for that day may not happen.  I’ve already edited my plans.  A lot.  But I’ve still been clinging to the hope/wish/dream (however unrealistic) that I could have nine pair of socks for my nieces and nephews done by…

My 5 Favourite Things about Christmas at Disney

Last week my sister, her 3 girls (ages 7, 7, and 6) and I went to Walt Disney World for three days. It was a quick trip but we had never been to Disney at Christmas time.  Following are my favourite things about Disney during the holidays. #5 – Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party: This is a bit of an…