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Of Dogs and Ropes

Charlie loves to be outside so I have a long line where he can run without me worrying he’ll wander off. Most of the time he’s content to destroy play with toys or sticks or exploring around. However, I do seem to be summoned on a somewhat regular basis to free him from the tree at one end of the…

Walking the Line

The thing about puppies is that it sometimes takes a while til they learn their boundaries.  I’m fortunate that I live off the road and Charlie can wander the yard (somewhat) freely. My parents live close to the road so he has a rope on the clothes line which allows him to stay outside on his own.  

Wooly Warmth

I didn’t make Christmas, but I did finish before the end of the year. Nine pairs of socks: that started as this: at the end of April. On a cold day, there’s nothing like the warmth of a pair of wool socks or giving gifts you’ve made yourself. 

I’m not sure I’m going to make it

It’s one week to Christmas and I’m starting to believe my knitting goals (at least the ones I still have) for gifts for that day may not happen.  I’ve already edited my plans.  A lot.  But I’ve still been clinging to the hope/wish/dream (however unrealistic) that I could have nine pair of socks for my nieces and nephews done by…