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Shoeless Bon

Generally when I pack for a work trip I make sure I have some type of lounge wear/slob wear in my suitcase that is appropriate for wandering the halls of whatever hotel I happen to be in. I’ve learned the hard way that no matter how quick the trip to the vending machines might be, you will inevitably run into…

Another Hotel Alt-ernative

Last week I made an overnight trip to Ottawa and stayed at the Alt Hotel in Ottawa. The chain recently opened a hotel in the Halifax airport, so I’ve seen the sign a number of times, but had never stayed in one of the hotels. The website describes the chain as “no-frills chic” which I would totally agree with.

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I’ve Got the Power

I’m just heading home from a couple of days of meetings at the Delta Montreal Hotel. I’m not particularly fussy about hotels: clean and a good restaurant top my list. What makes me really LOVE a hotel is access to power outlets. It’s a little thing, but when trying to recharge everything before another day of meetings, it takes on…