Trip to Tancook

My love of visiting islands is no secret. While Big Tancook Island didn’t make my top 5 it has been on my radar for a few years as a place I’d like to visit.


I have a pretty clear definition of what makes an island an island. If you can drive there, your island status has pretty much been revoked in my mind. It’s the challenge of ferry service that sets island life apart from that of mainland destinations. The ferry to Tancook didn’t disappoint. I was fascinated by the loading/unloading process. No cars for visitors touring the island or for islanders heading to the mainland. Cargo is loaded into containers and hoisted on and off the ferry.



Before arriving on Big Tancook, the ferry stops at Little Tancook Island, just long enough to load and unload.


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The Wanderer – Island Edition

Today’s Daily Prompt was to list the top 5 places you’ve always wanted to visit.  As well this week, the Introverts Blog Quietly challenge was the word “vacation”.  I decided to combine the two and, being an island girl myself, list the top five islands I’d like to visit:

#5 Hawaii – The tropical setting, luaus, beaches, volcanoes: need I say more?  (Secret real reason: Magnum PI obsession)

#4  Scotland – While technically part of the island of Great Britain, it’s the Scottish portion I’d like to visit.  My grandmother’s ancestors are from there and it’s always been a draw. (Secret real reason: Loch Ness Monster)

#3  Greece – The opportunity to visit the historic sites around the country and taste the food would be amazing.  (Secret real reasons: “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”)

#2  Australia – Spectacular scenery so different from here.  Plus they have koala bears and kangaroos.  (Secret real reason: I want to find 42 Wallaby Way)

#1  Fogo Island – I’ve heard Fogo compared to Grand Manan several times in its dependence on the fishery, demographics, etc.  There have been some amazing changes as the island has reinvented itself post groundfish moratorium.  I would love to compare the two for myself.  (Secret real reason: I like to say the name)


“My love for travelling to islands amounts to a pathological condition known as nesomania, an obsession with islands.  This craze seems reasonable to me, because islands are self-contained small worlds that can help us understand larger ones.”

~~Paul Theroux