Mitten Palooza

With a slew of fall birthdays it’s been a bit like mitten-palooza here.


Stripy mittens are one of my favourite things and weaving in ends one of my least favourite. The clear solution is self striping yarn. I fell slightly in love with Adriafil Stella Jacq. It’s colour changes too quickly for a hat or a larger item, but that’s what makes it perfect for mittens.


Adriafil Stella Jacq, mittens


The fact I found it on sale was an added bonus.


My affection for Knit Picks Felici sock yarn is boundless, so I was thrilled when they offered it in a worsted weight. One ball was just enough to match up the stripes without stressing about having enough of the right colour.

I may have ordered this year’s colours for next year’s mittens. 🙂


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My Knit East 2017

Every other fall I look forward to attending Knit East. This biennial event is hosted by Cricket Cove in St. Andrews, NB. It’s 2 days of knitting, yarn, and learning in a gorgeous hotel only a couple hours from home. It’s about as good as it gets.


Knit East 2017 was held in late October, right at the peak of fall foliage in Southern New Brunswick. Two of my classes were held in the Rotunda; which reminds me a lot of a sunporch. With views like this, it doesn’t really matter what you call it.


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