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Out of Hibernation

Like most people who knit socks, I end up with very pretty bits and pieces of yarn with not much to do with them.  And like many of those people I stumbled across the Sock Yarn Blanket when looking for a project for the odds and ends.  Without fully realizing what I was getting into, I cheerfully cast one on.  According…

Square #2


Square #2 in the year long afghan knit-a-long is finished!  I have to admit I was a little nervous about this one; short rows aren’t something I’ve used a lot. (That’s one of the reasons I wanted to knit this afghan – some techniques I know; others are a bit outside my comfort zone of usual knits.)  It turns out I love German short rows! This was so much fun to knit and I love the design. Now it’s almost a two week wait for the next square pattern.


Year Long Afghan Knit-a-Long

Back in May I saw a link to a year long afghan knit-a-long. The pattern for a new square is released each month and at the end of a year you have 12 different squares to create an afghan. I like the idea of knitting a square each month; it seemed much less overwhelming than starting an entire afghan. Today…