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Peeps for my Peeps

Knotted Cable Dishcloth

I finished another dishcloth this week from the Knit Picks Clean and Crafty collection. The Knotted Cable Dishcloth was posted two weeks ago and I was a little hesitant to start another cable project after just finishing the cable cape. However, the pattern was easy to follow and (almost) memorize. While it’s a little larger than I normally would like…

Snowflake Dishcloth

I live under the delusion that sock and dishcloth yarn do not count as stash.  And while let’s just say there does come a point where the line of ridiculous is a long ways in the rear view mirror.

Unfinished Business

I’ve never made it a secret that my least favourite part of knitting is the actual finishing. You know, sewing up and weaving in the ends. It’s not hard, or complicated. It’s just one of those things that it’s easier to throw in a pile and move on to actual knitting. A couple of weekends ago, I collected up all…

In Honour of the Lowly Dishcloth

  I stumbled across the “5th Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week” a few months ago. Each day for a week has a different topic to write about.  There’s a few topics that have piqued my interest; I’m not sure I’ll participate every day but I hope to tackle a couple. Today’s topic is: Day One (Monday 12th May): A Day…