Old Old Shale Scarf

I was cleaning up my Ravelry projects (as I do every January despite resolutions to finish project pages when projects are finished) and realized that I hadn’t closed my Old Shale Scarf page even though I’d been wearing it for quite a while. A quick look through my Instagram showed I had indeed been knitting on it last spring:

Homeward bound #Vacation2017 #TravelKnitting #TheFiberSeedSprout

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Let's go! #TravelKnitting #Vacation2017 #AirCanadaRouge #TheFiberSeedSprout

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The colour is “Orange Blossom Special” in Fiber Seed Sprout that I purchased on vacation a couple of years ago. The colours definitely remind me of Florida which is a nice pick me up on these cold January days. I seem to recall doing a little repair job while on vacation last year, but I think I mostly enjoyed the knit, because I must have finished it not long after I arrived home.

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