My Knit East 2017

Every other fall I look forward to attending Knit East. This biennial event is hosted by Cricket Cove in St. Andrews, NB. It’s 2 days of knitting, yarn, and learning in a gorgeous hotel only a couple hours from home. It’s about as good as it gets.


Knit East 2017 was held in late October, right at the peak of fall foliage in Southern New Brunswick. Two of my classes were held in the Rotunda; which reminds me a lot of a sunporch. With views like this, it doesn’t really matter what you call it.


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What I Knit on My Winter Vacation

When I pack for any type of trip I always seriously overestimate how much knitting time I’ll have.  For an extended trip like a vacation, there’s also the question of what I’ll feel like knitting over that duration, while keeping the projects small enough to fit in my suitcase.


At the beginning of my vacation, my yarn cabinet (yes, I made a yarn cabinet in my vacation bedroom) looked like this:



I “may” have picked up some yarn:




But I also knit a few things like dishcloths and these mittens:



(My made-up pattern in Willow Yarns Daily Worsted Tiger Lily)


So by the end of vacation, my yarn cabinet looked like this:




I’m wondering if you over pack yarn for travel?