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Peeps for my Peeps


The Knitting Won

For any non-knitter, let me let you in on a pretty common sentiment among knitters: knitting with dark yarn isn’t always the most fun knitting. The knitting is fine, as long as you’re not trying to follow your stitches closely to follow the pattern. Something like knit two, purl two is an excellent choice for mindless knitting in dark yarn.…

Addi FlexiFlips

A few months ago a stumbled across a set of Addi FlexiFlips in my local yarn shop. They basically combine the flexibility of circular needles with the size of double points. Full disclosure: I’ve never been a fan of magic loop. I’ve tried sock knitting on really small circulars; I barely made it six rounds before I reverted to my double…

girl in knit purple hat with black pompom in snow storm

A Purple Hat

The thing about winter is you can never have too many hats. I suppose in theory you can (I mean, one head and all) but I when everything is grey and white it’s nice to have a little variety.     We also have a lot of winter birthdays in our family, so hats and mitts are a bit of…