My Knit East 2017

Every other fall I look forward to attending Knit East. This biennial event is hosted by Cricket Cove in St. Andrews, NB. It’s 2 days of knitting, yarn, and learning in a gorgeous hotel only a couple hours from home. It’s about as good as it gets.


Knit East 2017 was held in late October, right at the peak of fall foliage in Southern New Brunswick. Two of my classes were held in the Rotunda; which reminds me a lot of a sunporch. With views like this, it doesn’t really matter what you call it.


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#KnitFail: Toy Airplane Edition

Last weekend I started knitting a toy airplane.


After working on socks for a while now, a project in worsted weight yarn felt like it was flying off my needles. And despite being slightly annoyed with myself that I didn’t think about adapting the pattern to be knit in the round (and thereby lessening a bit of the sewing portion of the project) I was having fun knitting. Sunday night, as I started knitting the tail section, I kept looking at what I had done so far and then I saw it:


I had sewed the wings on backwards! 😦  After a few minutes of trying to convince myself that no one would notice, I took a deep breath and set everything aside until tonight when I decided it was time. I carefully snipped the yarn I’d used to sew it up.


The last thing I needed at this point was to accidentally snip a wing or the body of the plane.  I told myself it was actually a good thing. I could do a better job of centering the wings on the body, which had been bugging up until I discovered the real botch up.


So I replaced one wing at a time.


And now I’m back to where I thought I was Sunday night.



Lessons learned?

  1. If it bugs you, it’s usually worth it to go back and fix it. (I think that could be a bigger life lesson too)
  2. For goodness sake, when the pattern says to attach according to photo, look at the freakin’ photo!


Books and Yarn

Recently link appeared in my Facebook feed for “Love Inspired Knits”, a contest whose prize was yarn and romance novels.  Hello, the title  might as well have been “Bonnie this contest is for you!” (I’m trying not to think about how creepy it is that Facebook choses ads based on tracking cookies. I like to think of it as a nice coincidence.)

Clearly I have a problem affection for yarn. This is not news. My novels of choice are light, fluffy, with an easy plot and a happy ending. Just a nice, simple distraction.  Best of all, the contest is open to Canadian residents as well. The contest closes April 20 so there’s still time to enter or check out the existing entries.

(I have no affiliation with this contest; I’m just really excited about a contest that has yarn and books as a prize). 😉

Today on my Needles

Last week (did the New Year really only start a week ago??) one end-of-one-year/beginning-of-a-new-year posts caught my eye. Knitting Sarah suggested taking a photo of your knitting/spinning each day to share. While I was intrigued, I was also skeptical about my ability to follow through. I was more skeptical about how interesting it would be for me, let alone anyone else. (“Oh look: she’s still knitting the same sock!”).

For the last week I’ve been posting my “Today on my Needles” pictures on Instagram and it is actually cool to look back and see the progress I’ve made on projects.  I don’t know if I’m knitting more, but it feels like I’m making more visible progress on things (and I’ve tried to mix it up with more than just the same pair of socks).

I’m thinking I made include periodic updates here as well.  I’m wondering how you track progress on your projects?

Today on my needles:
“Oh look: she’s still knitting the same sock!” I really didn’t time that well.

A Little Amazing

I always knew that knitting was a tactile venture, but I don’t think I really KNEW it until I tried knitting with gloves yesterday. I knit without looking all the time, so clearly it’s my sense of touch that allows me to do that.  But I never thought about it until I tried that first stitch with gloves.

First, it wasn’t just idle curiosity.  It’s freakin’ cold out and I was looking at a 1 hour flight. I’d had a couple of cups of coffee, so napping wasn’t an option.  I get motion sick, so I couldn’t really read; besides I read on my iPad, and I do know I can’t swipe with gloves on.  So knitting it was.

As I made that first deliberate stitch, I realized just how much concentration it took to make that motion.  The motion that I’ve made countless times without thinking.  I was working on a dishcloth; it wasn’t like I was knitting complicated lace, but it took the same level of concentration to make a stitch as it did when I started.

As I continued knitting, I realized how amazing it is that those few movements of hands and fingers repeated time after time end up creating hats or socks or mittens or sweaters. And how amazing it is that I stuck with a hobby that took that much effort and concentration to learn. 🙂