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Addi FlexiFlips

A few months ago a stumbled across a set of Addi FlexiFlips in my local yarn shop. They basically combine the flexibility of circular needles with the size of double points. Full disclosure: I’ve never been a fan of magic loop. I’ve tried sock knitting on really small circulars; I barely made it six rounds before I reverted to my double…

#KnitFail: Needle Edition

Knitting and travel are two Of my favourite things With both I have learned, To take what they bring   They can be great but Despite how you’ve planned They both can be fickle, Your planning be damned  

My Latest Needle Obsession

I have a tendency to lose my double pointed needles when I’m travelling.  No matter how careful I am, they tend to slip from my hands just out of reach (and usually out of sight; I swear they become invisible). I like to think that some other knitter will find them just when they need a replacement, but really I’m…


With great anticipation
I boarded the plane
Getting out of this snow
Was the name of the game

Clutched in my hand
Was my yarn in a bag
The people who want socks
Are beginning to nag

I’ve been knitting a while
And I was almost done
But finishing en route
Just isn’t as fun

The last thing to do
To finish the toe
Is the Kitchener stitch
As any knitter knows

A proper sock bind off
Is a bit of a trick
Tricky, not hard
If you make the rules stick

A little concentration
And “Wham, Bam” you’re done
I took a deep breath
I could so get this one

Things were going just fine
My mind was at ease
And that’s when it happened
As quick as you please

My lovely little needle
Flew far from my hand
I wanted to scream
“Oh where will it land?”

With a clink and a clatter
It fell to the floor
I tried valiantly to reach it
But it was mine no more

Even upon landing
I looked to no avail
Five needles, now four
It’s quite a sad tale

And if by some chance
While traveling by plane
You’re stabbed by a sock needle
I’m SO not to blame

Everyone’s Different

Today in my Facebook newsfeed appeared a link to a blog post entitled “5 ways to make using DPNs easier“.  I clicked it with a little smugness; I love knitting with DPNs so I was SURE I was already doing most of things on the list. Maybe I’d pick up a trick or two, but I had DPNs down. I…