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Hopewell Rocks

I had the opportunity to visit Hopewell Rocks last week; I hadn’t been there since I was in my early teens. There’s a different appreciation to see them as an adult. They are world famous for a reason. So worth the trip to get there!  

World Ocean Day

On Earth Day when I outlined some of what I thought were practical for me ideas to reduce plastic waste, I ventured forth with great intentions. I was a little smug, full of my “look-how-good-I’m-doing-ness”. I was so sure I had this down.   I was wrong.   At first it went well: I carried my water bottle. I used…

The Incredible (Lobster) Journey

The media was a buzz recently about a proposed ban for importing lobster to the European Union because North American lobster were found in the water off Sweden. Homarus americanus is native to the east coast of North America but is not found in Europe (good name then, right?) They are considered an invasive species and as such, there was concern…

Vapour on the Water

On these cold winter days when vapour forms on the water it’s normally wispy and a bit wavy, especially near shore. This morning it had developed into a thick bank obscuring the houses across the harbour and creating an eerie glow.