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November Rain

While technically under a heavy snow fall warning, the text of the forecast specifies “rain at times heavy” over Grand Manan Island. And that is what we have, though the rain has been a bit thick at times.

My niece snapped this photo tonight on my iPhone. I love how eery and cold it looks through the windshield of the moving car.



Wave Break

One of the things I love about visiting other wharves is seeing how different the same components can be from harbour to harbour.  Given the lack of large boulders on the island, I’m always fascinated by places that have them in abundant supply.  I love the architecture of how these rocks are placed, like pieces of a puzzle:



Photo 101 asked us to look for patterns and lines in architecture that would translate into black and white.  I usually prefer colour, but I do like how the rocks become more pronounced in the black and white version:

IMG_6112 - Version 2

Life on the Road



First day of a road trip and it’s time to wash the wool socks. The fact I discovered a hole in my favourite pair last night makes this a more pressing situation. (My wash packet provides a pop of colour in the white on white bathroom.)


I had the idea of trying to capture the warm light from a window on a grey day. I thought it would also capture the warmth of the inside versus the cold outdoors. I tried just before dusk and then again just after sunset but before full dark.




Which one is your favourite?

Landmark Day


“We often use locations to orient us, to identify where we are…”


Days can be like that too. For Grand Manan, the second Tuesday in November is a landmark day as fishermen leave to set traps. There’s a sense of community and excitement as we mark this landmark: the beginning of fall fishing; a new season.

It’s part of  where we are and a part of who we are.