Blue Sock Photo Diary

Headed out. #TravelKnitting #RegiaYarn #KnittersOfInstagram

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#RegiaYarn #TravelKnitting #KnittersOfInstagram

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Diary of a Sock Construction

It feels like I’ve been knitting these socks forever. And looking at my Instagram feed, it certainly feels that way.  Apparently, these socks began their life at Groundfish meeting in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, in March.


They then travelled to a Harbour Authority conference in Moncton, NB:


And passed some time waiting for a meeting with the federal Minister of Fisheries (they didn’t come out for that meeting though):


They then kept me company on a conference call:


And went on the ferry (the early trip usually means a lot of travel cups of coffee):


Then there was another conference call over lunch (they had to wait while I ate my sandwich)


Sock number two began in Dartmouth, NS, as well:


While sock number one was finished during the Survivor finale:


The socks returned to Dartmouth for another meeting:


The heel was turned in St. Andrews, NB, at the Bay of Fundy Seafood Forum:


And I took yet another conference call:


Today, we went back to Dartmouth where they started.  And fittingly, that’s where they were finished too.


All but a couple of rows of the toe decrease. Voila, a freshly finished Friday project:


Focus on What’s Done

I’ve been a little frustrated with my knitting lately. Too many projects seeing too little progress. I thought it might help me shake some of my funk to talk about a couple of projects I did finish now that they’ve been given as gifts.

The first was a GAP-tastic Cowl that I gave my sister-in-law for her birthday. It was a quick, fun knit that I loved.

Another awkward selfie.

I used Plymouth Yarn Chunky Merino Superwash.  I really liked the yarn except that each of the 3 skeins had a knot. I didn’t think I was a cowl person but I kind of would like to knit one for myself.

My second completed project was socks for Dad for Father’s Day. He tried on a pair of socks I knit for my brother last year and said they were the best socks I’d knit. They are also my brother’s current favourite.  The only difference I could think of was the yarn (I had used Regia sock yarn); the needles and pattern were the ones I always used.  So for this year’s socks, I used Regia’s Racing Colour yarn. I love the subtle pattern after they were knit.

Racing Colour Socks
Racing Colour Socks

I ordered 2 balls of the yarn because I find men’s socks can be right on the edge about whether you can complete a pair from one 100 gram ball. The fact I’m anal about making the stripes line up sometimes results in significant leftovers depending on the length of the pattern repeat. I finished this pair with 6 grams of yarn left (28 yards). Looks like another pair will appear sometime in the future.