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Lost and Found

Confession: I lose track of things, even things I knit. What’s worse is when I lose track of not-quite-completed knits. I have this vague concept that they’re out there somewhere, languishing in the bottom of a bag only a few (or many) rows or hours from completion. This doesn’t include projects with ends that need to be woven in; those…

When Knitters Travel

I ended up with one of those weird back-to-back travel events when I was actually home for not quite a full weekend. Throw in some pre-Christmas activities and regular weekend commitments and something had to give. In this case, it was laundry. I managed to wash enough clothes to dump back in my suitcase. It’s a short trip so I…

The Year I Didn’t Knit Socks

For years I’ve knit socks for my nieces and nephews for Christmas. I’m not sure when I started exactly, but I know it’s been at least eight years (I knit a blue pair and pink pair to be ready for what turned out to be a nephew born days before Christmas eight years ago). If that was the first year,…


Twas the night before Christmas and here on my land
I was tearing my hair, strand by strand by strand


Different I said this year would be
I’d have time to sit and enjoy the tree


But alas you know what it is they say
When you’ve become so set in your ways:


You’ve got to flexible; learn to adapt.
I’ve often thought that was a load of crap


I was going to be ready; my knitting complete
This Christmas the kids would have warm “little” feet.


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