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One Week to Go

The week before Christmas: when all the ends have to woven in whether you feel like it or not. This pair of socks came together quickly and apparently mostly in airports.    

Lost and Found

Confession: I lose track of things, even things I knit. What’s worse is when I lose track of not-quite-completed knits. I have this vague concept that they’re out there somewhere, languishing in the bottom of a bag only a few (or many) rows or hours from completion. This doesn’t include projects with ends that need to be woven in; those…

The Year I Didn’t Knit Socks

For years I’ve knit socks for my nieces and nephews for Christmas. I’m not sure when I started exactly, but I know it’s been at least eight years (I knit a blue pair and pink pair to be ready for what turned out to be a nephew born days before Christmas eight years ago). If that was the first year,…