Mitten Palooza

With a slew of fall birthdays it’s been a bit like mitten-palooza here.


Stripy mittens are one of my favourite things and weaving in ends one of my least favourite. The clear solution is self striping yarn. I fell slightly in love with Adriafil Stella Jacq. It’s colour changes too quickly for a hat or a larger item, but that’s what makes it perfect for mittens.


Adriafil Stella Jacq, mittens


The fact I found it on sale was an added bonus.


My affection for Knit Picks Felici sock yarn is boundless, so I was thrilled when they offered it in a worsted weight. One ball was just enough to match up the stripes without stressing about having enough of the right colour.

I may have ordered this year’s colours for next year’s mittens. 🙂


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