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The Time I Went On Vacation and the World Changed

Three weeks ago on a Thursday night (the night before I left for vacation) I got a text from my sister. They had to postpone their own vacation departure unexpectedly. My niece was ready for vacation and very disappointed to wait. We checked airline flights, schedules and seat assignments. We were back forth and until Friday morning when we booked…


I started Poetry two zero one
Thinking it could be lots of fun
But I’ve gotten a cold
And I’m feeling so old
And I long for a glimpse of the sun

Outside the door are piles of snow
But it’s only eight days til I go
Somewhere where it’s hot
It’s a tropical spot
And warm are the breezes that blow

Eight days til I set foot on the plane
Has my planning all been in vain?
And I feel like a jerk
I’ve stayed home work
Waiting for this wheezing to wain

The things on my list must get done
I’ll cross each one off one by one
Though my list is so long,
Worry doesn’t belong
While I’m lying about in the sun

Maple Syrup Time

A few weeks ago my sister asked if we were interested in a maple syrup tour for my niece’s birthday party.  After a pre-requisite “Elf” joke: “Syrup’s my favourite!” we headed out to Elmhurst Outdoors last weekend. I had never heard of it until my sister organized this outing but it is an amazing place. (It would probably be even…