2018 Temperature Scarf

I’ve been slightly obsessed with temperature blankets and scarves for a while now. I love the idea of documenting the year a day at a time. Maybe it was the euphoria over actually accomplishing my Christmas ornament a day project or maybe it’s that this cold snap is making me slightly crazier, but when a friend shared a link to this scarf it peaked my interest. To be honest, the thought of weaving in 730 (365×2) ends gives me shivers and that’s not just the cold talking. I loved this alternative of incorporating them into the project.

I dug into my stash and came out with some colours that I think will work:

I have more of each colour other than the orange, yellow, and dark blue, so hopefully there will be enough to carry through.

I’m going to alternate between seed stitch and garter stitch for each month, starting with seed stitch for January. While there’s some temperature fluctuations over the coming days, for now, it’s purply-purple cold.

My Sign of Spring

Most people seem to have a landmark that means spring has arrived.  For me, it’s my grandmother’s crocus blooming.  Usually when I get home from vacation there’s a few that are peaking out.  There  certainly weren’t flowers this year.  But this week, a bit a green peaked out and in a couple of days, there they were.


Finally spring!  And then tonight, this:




I’m wondering if this winter will ever really end.

I Think This is Number 4

It’s overcast and snowing.  Another storm is beginning.  This is just a regular snow storm.  We had one of those last Saturday.  We had a blizzard a week ago yesterday.  And another blizzard Monday.  That makes this snow storm number 4 in 10 days.

The thing about living in the Bay of Fundy is that we get a fair amount of rain when the rest of the province is getting snow.  We’re a bit spoiled.  This last batch of storms: all snow.  We’ve never seen anything like it.

While the snow is a bit much, this current storm is more typical; the temperature is forecast to rise, meaning we’ll get rain. There are no ditches that aren’t full of snow and the ground is frozen. There’s no where for the water to go.  Add to that temperatures well below zero the day after and I think we’re about to have a very big skating party. I’m actually hoping for snow instead of rain at this point. Otherwise, it’s just going to be a big mess.  And let’s face it, it is quite pretty.


Living in Canada, you tend to expect a certain amount of bad weather through the winter. If there wasn’t, it wouldn’t be Canada, it would be the Caribbean. Today we were hit with a particularly bad nor’easter. Being Canada, we continue with business open as usual through most conditions. But with the forecasts yesterday, most places went home from work anticipating it would be Wednesday before they were back. Our local ferry service even took an unheard of precaution of moving the ferry to the mainland to ride out the storm in a more sheltered cove. The weather lived up to its billing. I’m not sure about the snowfall; there’s bare ground and massive drifts. The wind has consistently been over 100 km/hour all day with a gust this morning of 153. The result:

IMG_7056 Near white out conditions this morning. It improved slightly this afternoon:


IMG_7058 Now, the power had been out for about an hour. My parents just had theirs restored so I’m hoping mine will be soon. In the meantime:

IMG_7076 I’m knitting by candlelight wrapped in a blanket. I’m thankful I’m in a warm (but getting slightly cool) house and I’m grateful to the power workers, snow plow drivers and emergency services workers who couldn’t take a snow day today. I’m wondering what your weather is like today?