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The Time I Made Breakfast

The thing about the pandemic and all the discussion around food security has made me very conscious of how I treat what I have in my fridge. I’ve always been a huge fan of leftovers (hello easy supper) but the extra time at home means I will sometimes try to get creative. My mini-omelette egg bites are one example that turned out well. Leftover asparagus and prosciutto for the win!

**Bonus points because now I have new leftovers for the fridge. 😎

What Just Happened?

It’s early.   I’m **slightly** sleep deprived and giddy.   I need coffee.   I confuse easily.   But somehow by the time I got through the Tim Hortons line, my recycle mug had been refused, my coffee was in a cardboard cup inside another cardboard cup for Roll Up the Rim.   Seriously, what on earth just happened? And…

Random Thoughts from the Road

I love digital keys and checking in on your phone. It’s very helpful when you look like you need a pack mule to get all your “stuff” up to the hotel room. Rearranging the precarious load to collect your room key is challenging to say the least. I never learned to use chopsticks. I feel at this point in my…

When Knitters Travel

I ended up with one of those weird back-to-back travel events when I was actually home for not quite a full weekend. Throw in some pre-Christmas activities and regular weekend commitments and something had to give. In this case, it was laundry. I managed to wash enough clothes to dump back in my suitcase. It’s a short trip so I…